You deserve a LOT!  And, we give you a LOT by providing a job and workplace that is grounded in saftey, safe operations, and of course, the finacial rewards and security you seek for yourself and your family. We provide a lot there too—from top pay and home time to a comprehensive benefits package that provides you security and peace of mind.
It’s our pleasure to offer our benefit-eligible employees a variety of solutions to help address your healthcare needs, as well as the needs of your families. Many of these benefits are paid for—in whole or in part—by Dee King Trucking. We know that a top trucking company provides top benefits! See Below for all the benefits we provide you and your family. 

Below you will find summary information about your benefit programs—information you need to make the best benefit decisions, whether you’re making annual enrollment elections, enrolling for the first time or changing your benefits due to a qualified family status change. Please take the shower time to review this information carefully. Whether you’re an employee of Dee King or the family member of a Dee King employee, as you read further, we’re sure you’ll begin to recognize what sets us apart as a company— from comprehensive benefits to daily operations based on sound values. With us, you enjoy a LOT!

Click the link below to apply for your new trucking family. https://intelliapp.driverapponline.com/c/deeking